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The-Light-We-Choose-to-See Hobolite

Hobolite Iris : The Light We Choose to See

Explore the transformative power of light with the Hobolite Iris small continuous lighting kit. Experience bold creativity and emotional connection through precise light control and optical modifie...
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Light-Your-Story-Mynxii-White Hobolite

Light Your Story: Mynxii White

Explore the captivating journey of Mynxii White, from makeup artist to renowned photographer and filmmaker. Learn how Mynxii uses Hobolite's portable LED lighting to create cinematic narratives tha...
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LIGHT-YOUR-STORY-Chasing-Light-with-Jim-Sullivan Hobolite


Dive into the captivating journey of Jim Sullivan, a classically trained chef turned professional photographer, as he shares his passion for light and photography. From his humble beginnings in Los...
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The-Power-of-Light Hobolite

The Power of Light

Explore the profound significance of light and its transformative power in our lives. From serving as a symbol of authenticity, change, and growth to inspiring us to perceive the world in new ways,...
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The Art of Continuous Lighting - Hobolite

The Art of Continuous Lighting

6 Tips to Master Continuous Lighting. The article on continuous lighting highlights its advantages in photography and videography for real-time feedbac, offering practical tips for optimal use and ...
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