Discover Hobolite's Ultimate Lighting Kit for Influencers and Content Creators!

Discover-Hobolite-s-Ultimate-Lighting-Kit-for-Influencers-and-Content-Creators Hobolite

Hobolite brand is an ideal LED lighting solution for content creators and streamers.

Lighting is of vital importance to photographers and filmmakers, whether illuminating subjects or setting the appropriate atmosphere.

Content creators on social media platforms such as Twitter and YouTube require lighting that illuminates both themselves and their backgrounds. Amazon offers many cheaply made and unreliable products.

Hobolite stands out in this respect. Our years of research and development has led us to provide users of Hobolite with superior lighting gear suited specifically for them - giving you an edge in an increasingly competitive video content market. We provide lighting equipment you need to make yourself or others appear better as well as to add ambience and atmosphere.

Hobolite offers the ideal solution to fulfill all your creative needs.

Hobolite carefully studies market trends and customer needs, offering product lines tailored specifically to content creators of all levels. All our products feature cutting-edge LED technology as well as premium COB light sources designed to ensure the character faces look their best - ideal for video calls, streaming or conference video calls.

This catalog was developed to offer set design and lighting theme options. As our product range grows, this list will be continually updated.

一、Hobolite Micro 8w:

this pocket-sized mini photography light packs an incredible punch! Now, unleash your creative spirit anywhere, any time! Hobolite Micro is ideal for food exploration, camping outdoor adventures, live streaming influencers and product photography.

Review its features: 

Extra compact 500 lumen LED light with CRI and TLCI scores of 96+ and consistent color temperature control, 24hrs continuous operation (note that battery box required), 18dB noise emission level.

This light is ideal for taking pictures of babies at home, or as long-term fill lighting without needing too much power. The Micro features a three-in-1 design with detachable and rechargeable batteries as well as an easy charging bank allowing for fast battery replacements and full charges at any time.

二、Hobolite Mini 20W:

An Ideal Lighting Solution for Amateurs and Professional Photographers.

Here are a few of its highlights:

Mini size, smaller than a can of soda!

Zoom lens that instantly brightens to 3x brightness within one second. Leather that is both durable and eco-friendly. Advanced cooling technology with 22dB noise reduction. Aircraft grade aluminum body.

Color Temperature and Dimming without Stepping!

The Mini is ideal for any situation - be it wedding photography, portrait selfies, outdoor shooting or still life photography. Plus its retro style adds flair!

三、Hobolite Avant 100W

Hobolite Avant 100W high-power outdoor shooting portable professional photographer video live constant light photography soft light night scene portrait fill light.

With its retro appearance, Avant stands out!

  • Outdoor shooting
  • Indoor shooting
  • Wedding photography

Avant is designed for outdoor and indoor shooting as well as wedding photography, making lighting scenes much simpler and allowing users to light a scene using only one person - saving both time and effort when shooting scenes or transitioning between them, and freeing more creativity to focus on actual creation of something worthwhile. 

Avant's 100W device utilizes an intelligent noise monitoring system with an ultra-quiet decibel level of 26dB for quiet operation that ensures content creators won't be disturbed by noise.

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