Function Flexible, Design Forward - Classic design meets modern performance with Hobolite

Function Flexible, Design Forward - Classic design meets modern performance with Hobolite Hobolite
Hobolite was created by a design-obsessed team with an engineering sensibility (if you missed it, read more about who we are and where we get our inspiration in our last blog). We know professionals deserve brilliant, high-quality lighting equipment for every set or location – and they want it to enable their artistic flair.

Hobolite combines the classic look and feel of “Old Hollywood” wrapped in a mid-century modern era without compromising performance. Users embrace the hint of nostalgia, faux leather accents, and gleaming metal.

Classic Design
Every Hobolite model – the Mini, Avant, and Pro – is as durable as they are beautiful. Just like genuine leather, the premium faux leather will not only last through a lifetime of use, but will look better with time and age. And with two color options available at launch – brown or black – you have a flexible canvas to match your own personal style and brand.

On the more modern side, all fixture housings are cast aluminum with machined aluminum parts in areas where extra strength is needed. The housing design and materials dissipate heat while still providing maximum endurance.

Appreciating the innovation and attention to detail that Aviator Howard Hughes was known for, we also believe it’s all in the details. We cast all lettering and indicators into the bodies of every Hobolite. Yes, engineering is critical, but the design should not be secondary.

Premium Features
Style, while important, needs to be closely followed by substance.. Hobolites aren’t just beautifully crafted but equipped with premium features to ensure every shoot is a success.

Flicker-free dimming provides even, consistent light at every power setting 1-100%. Each Hobolite includes a 0% Blackout option that allows you to adjust light levels without emitting light.

The crisp, HD LCD display makes for easy reading in any light without spill-over from backlighting that interferes with your scene. Our whisper-quiet fan control also keeps background noise to a minimum –- and the fans can be temporarily disabled in situations where clean audio is a necessity.

Professional Performance
Performance is what will wow both you and your client at the end of the shoot. We understand the complexities of production and lighting, and our expertise went into the performance capabilities of every product.

All three models have an active cooling system, featuring an aluminum fin that optimizes low fan speeds and quiet operation – helping your Hobolite(s) last a lifetime.

Our wide color spectrum rivals any other lighting setup in the industry. The COBs used are among the best for color rendering and hand selected for consistency. The Hobolite Mini, Avant, and Pro all feature:

  • 2700-6500 Kelvin range;
  • CRI 96; and
  • TLCI 96.

We also made controlling your units easy and efficient. You can use the Hobolite Control App to assign and control groups of fixtures – just tap your phone to the fixture and the app opens automatically. This way, you can set the scene from anywhere – even from the craft table.

Lights, camera … action!

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