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The-Light-We-Choose-to-See Hobolite

At Hobolite, we believe your light can be bold, powerful and beautiful, and that it deserves to be seen. With this design ethos, we are pleased to introduce you to our latest innovation, the Hobolite Iris continuous lighting kits for photography.  The Iris is a small portable continuous LED lighting kit for photography that empowers content creators with playful optical modifiers to unlock creativity.



The Hobolite Iris plays a pivotal role much like its namesake—the human iris—in our visual experience. The Iris regulates and refines light with exquisite control, mirroring the way our eyes adjust to light, enhancing how we perceive and interact with our surroundings. The profound ability to connect emotionally and cognitively with the space around us. To stand fully in the intensity, brightness and frequency of your own light, allowing it to radiate with intention and creative expression.

We chase light to shape time into moments that matter, with the tools that matter to us. The ones which spark joy, challenge us to see the bigger picture, and encourage us to be deliberate in our photographic journey.  The process is also the outcome.

We at Hobolite have been thinking a lot about the concept of light – questioning what it is about light that captivates us, draws us in, igniting a yearning for exploration in areas unseen.

Light represents illumination, transformation, our truth – and also possesses a fierce intensity, capable of causing discomfort and pain.

Light can burn.


Even inflame. 

And yet we persist. We chase light with a heated passion, an unrivaled thirst for creative impressions – and expression.

A dodge and burn in pursuit of light.

What if the photographs we make serve as a mirror of our inner state, the physical manifestation of our inner light shining on the moments we memorialize and the stories we decide to tell. 

Where shadows are partners in the photographic dance, contouring your story with light to give it shape, depth, and dimension.

And whether the light of your story originates from your imagination or from nature, we encourage you to point that light towards the expressions and art within your heart.

The shapes of your emotion shape moments that matter, radiating with a light that deserves to be seen.

And perhaps, the light you chase, leads back to you.

- Helena Bian, Founder & CEO

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