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Morneé Sherry, Creator and Former CEO of Lume Cube, Joins Hobolite as Global VP

Morneé Sherry, Creator and Former CEO of Lume Cube, Joins Hobolite as Global VP

Hobolite, the company that creates classically styled lighting solutions for creative professionals, is proud to announce Morneé Sherry, the creator and former CEO of Lume Cube, as its new Global Vice President. Sherry’s extensive background within the lighting industry makes him the ideal candidate for this role.

As Global Vice President, Sherry will lead Hobolite under a strategic vision and innovative approach by overseeing all aspects of the business, including product management, sales, and marketing.

Sherry is a well-respected and innovative leader within the lighting industry. He is best known for his work at Lume Cube, where he developed and launched a unique, portable lighting system for photographers and videographers. Under his leadership, Lume Cube grew into one of the industry’s most successful startups.

“It’s truly exciting to be joining a team that is consistently pushing the limits of innovation, even though it’s a little tough to accept that this product is potentially better than the one I created myself,” said Sherry.

“We are thrilled to welcome Morneé Sherry to Hobolite,” said Hobolite CEO Helena Bian, “Hobolite has a strong base in innovation and creativity, something we believe Morneé embodies wholeheartedly. We are confident that his experience and vision will be instrumental in taking our business to new heights.” Hobolite recently opened sales in the United States and Europe with a positive market reception. Sherry will be leading the Global Sales and Marketing initiative with a focus on growing sales and brand recognition.

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