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PhotoFocus Reviews Hobolite – Highly Recommend

PhotoFocus Reviews Hobolite – Highly Recommend Hobolite

Style Meets Substance

Darren Miles reviewed the Hobolite Mini and Avant Creator Kits for PhotoFocus and here is a brief of his review:

Just because they’re pretty, doesn’t mean they aren’t capable. Old-school Hollywood style combines with modern design aesthetics and ergonomics, in the Hobolite Mini and Avant LED lights.

Accordingly, if you run and gun and work out of the trunk of your car or you are a content creator, then the Hobolite Avant and Mini could be a viable solution for your line of work. Great build, intuitive, thoughtful design, nice quality of light, and a kit complete with a bevy of light and color modifiers. The Hobolites are a high-value, high-quality option for the working professional or content creator. Highly recommend!

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