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Hobolite 95WH V-mount DC battery

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14.8V 6.4Ah battery with V mount- features V-Mount compatible with the Hobolite Clamp or mounting to the Pro Power Supply.

The battery is charged by 20V input and has multiple output options: either via Type C fast charge (suitable for Mini), D-TAP (Avant), or V-Mount (Pro). 4 level LED battery indicator lights display the current battery life at a glance. Supports up to 7 A continuous current draw, use beyond this maximum discharge level may cause the internal temperatures of the battery pack to rise, and the protection circuit will shut off the current to protect the internal cells . The battery can be used to simultaneously power multiple devices from the various output ports. However, prior to using this option, please make sure that the combined total draw of the various devices does not draw more than the recommended discharge amount.

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