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For Artists, By Artists: Hobolite

Lighting the way for every photographer, videographer and content creator

To quote homespun Czech photographer Miroslav Tichy, “photography is painting with light.” The effects of inadequate lighting not only show themselves in poor image quality, but also affect artistry and creativity; improper lighting produces uninspired imagery.

Hobolite was created for artists by artists to amplify your inspiration and technical prowess.

We developed continuous, portable lighting that marries artistic thinking and industrial design, so every set and every shot – still or video – is equally as impressive.

Why Hobolite?
Hobolite’s three continuous lighting solutions – the Mini, Avant and Pro – are as functional as they are beautiful. Inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood, combined with the craftsmanship of mid-century modern design, our lights radiate vintage style without sacrificing modern capabilities.Our three uniquely styled, continuous LED lighting solutions function separately and together as one smart, cohesive system. Portability and performance combine to meet photographers, videographers and content creators whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. The current product line includes:

  • Mini – a stylish micro-studio in the palm of your hand, the 20W Mini can go with you anywhere, so you get the perfect shot for Instagram or the next viral TikTok
  • Avant – beautiful and ultra-portable, the 100W Avant easily fits in your bag, so you have powerful bi-color LED lighting for any photoshoot
  • Pro – with lush design and maximum performance, the300W Pro will perfectly light a commercial or hybrid video and photoshoot

Hobolite is artistry in lighting, where style and substance meet.

Behind the Brand
Our inspiration comes from the brain trust behind our brand, dedicated to creativity, storytelling, engineering, and design.

Our founder, Helena Bian, is an engineer and product designer at heart. When she took over the parent company, AEC, she established it as an internationally successful LED lighting company. Her mission is to create lighting solutions that are not simply tools; but part of the entire creative process.

Michael Miceli is our VP and the resident photographer and videographer by trade. Sitting in the customer’s seat every day, he understands the nuances of the business and the perfection that drives the industry’s best. He exactly personifies what Hobolite represents.

Danielle Hicks rounds out this dynamic team, leading our U.S. marketing efforts. She’s a brand builder and storyteller by nature, with a gift for getting inside the content creator’s head by embracing the impact content can have on a brand, person, and product.

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