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Hobolite Debuts Professional, Design-Forward Lighting Solutions at Cine Gear Atlanta Expo

The Expo is the first large-scale event showcasing the classically styled

Hobolite, the company that creates classically styled lighting solutions for creative professionals, unveiled its suite of lighting products at the Cine Gear Expo which took place October 7 – 8, 2022, at Trilith Studios in Atlanta. Cine Gear attendees are among the first to experience Hobolite’s products and capabilities in person since the brand’s launch in August.

The current Hobolite product range includes three continuous, bi-color LED lights – the Mini, Avant, and Pro – that provide professional photographers, videographers, and content creators with flexibility and performance. Each light is portable enough for any photo or video shoot and can be used separately or together as one cohesive system.

“It’s incredibly exciting to showcase at Cine Gear, one of the industry’s premier tradeshows, and meet     our fellow creative professionals,” says Michael Miceli, Senior VP, Hobolite U.S., and a photographer and videographer by trade. “We relish the opportunity to give our end-users, who are our main inspiration, a look at the beauty, quality, and performance of Hobolite products up close. We can’t wait to see how they express themselves when they have our lights in hand.”

With shared accessories and an integrated app, each Hobolite model works independently or as part of one smart system. At 20 watts, the Mini is perfect for content creators capturing their next viral TikTok or Instagram Reel on the go. The 100-watt Avant is perfectly sized to be ideal for any photoshoot, and the 300-watt Pro is perfect for lighting commercial photo and film shoots with its industry-standard Bowen’s mount Fresnel lens. Each light was crafted with extreme attention to detail and equipped with premium features including full dimming control, an active cooling system, and app control through the Hobolite app.

In addition to Cine Gear, the brand is launching its Kickstarter campaign this fall. Hobolite kits will be available at super early bird rates (up to 50% off retail value) exclusively through Kickstarter.

“Our Kickstarter launch is another exciting step in our journey to bring Hobolite to creators everywhere,” says Danielle Hicks, VP of Marketing. “Our products were thoughtfully engineered to work with artists as they bring their visions to life. The Kickstarter allows early adopters to not only add an expansive kit to their studio at a great rate but also be one of the first to have their shoots lit by Hobolite.”

For more information and to sign up for email updates about the Kickstarter Campaign, visit www.hobolite.com.


About Hobolite

Hobolite is the brainchild of AEC, a company committed to developing portable LED lights and other productivity tools through innovation since 2000. Our mission is to create lighting that is as functional as it is beautiful. Hobolites lights are not simply tools, but an expression of the artists who use them.  Designed for the artist on the go, the lights are crafted to work together as a smart, cohesive system to reduce the burden of packing multiple tools and attachments when life, art, and work take you out of the studio. For more information, visit www.hobolite.com.



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