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Hobolite Launches Design-Forward Lighting Solutions for the Creative Marketplace

New Premium Lighting Kits Debut in the U.S. as Photo Industry Rebounds

Hobolite, the company creating classically styled lighting solutions for creative professionals, announces its launch in the U.S. market with a suite of lighting products that marry artistic thinking and industrial design. 

Hobolite launches with three continuous LED lighting kits that combine portability and performance with a design reminiscent of “Old Hollywood.” Suitable for all photographers, videographers, and content creators, the products will be available starting in September exclusively through Hobolite’s Kickstarter Campaign for 30 days, then immediately following on Hobolite.com. 

According to the 2022 State of the Photography Industry Report, 89% of photographers, hobbyists, and industry professionals expect to get busier or remain steady following the COVID slowdown. Sectors leading the market include portrait, landscape, and wedding, followed by fine art, sports, documentary, and commercial.  

“Hobolite is about more than just the creation of a new lighting tool. It was created with the intention of making connections with artists, and helping them to do their job easier,” states Hobolite Founder Helena Bian. “Art is supposed to be everywhere, and these lights combine both art and function.”

Created for artists, by artists, Hobolite’s three continuous lighting solutions – the Mini, Avant, and Pro – combine classic style with modern performance. Hobolites are designed to function separately or together as one smart, cohesive system. 

The 20W Mini is a stylish micro-studio in the palm of your hand, perfect for content creators capturing their next viral TikTok or Instagram. The 100W Avant is portable, easily fitting in a bag, and packs enough power for any photoshoot. The 300W Pro features an industry-standard Bowen’s mount Fresnel lens that will perfectly light any commercial photo or film shoot.

Each Hobolite is outfitted with faux leather side panel accents on the aviation-grade aluminum body. This attention to detail provides a unique style that connects to the personal brand of the on-the-go photographer, videographer, or content creator.

Additional premium features include hand-selected bi-color COBs with consistent color temperature from 2700 Kelvin to 6500 Kelvin across all three models, full dimming control, an HD LCD screen for easy reading in any lighting condition, and fan control. 

“As a team of artists ourselves, we are dedicated to creativity, storytelling, engineering, and design. We know from experience the negative effect inadequate lighting has on image quality, artistry, and creativity. This is why our mission is to create lighting solutions that are not just tools, but part of the entire creative process,” says Michael Miceli, VP, Hobolite US. “We believe we have a differentiator in our Hobolite line of products that will amplify the user’s inspiration and technical prowess.”

Creatives and artists alike can get exclusive access to Hobolites through the company’s Kickstarter Campaign beginning in September. 

For more information or to sign up for email updates about the Kickstarter Campaign, visit www.hobolite.com



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