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Avant 100W Bi-Color Continuous LED Light

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Style & Portability At Your Fingertips 

Optimized for portability and graced with a unique vintage styling, the Avant Bi-Color LED Light Creator Kit from Hobolite includes a compact, yet powerful light that produces a bright and even burst of illumination. Designed for image makers on the go, the light packs a bi-color punch, color accuracy, and smooth dimming. Quickly adjust brightness and color temperature settings with a full color LCD screen and knurled knobs. Control is also possible via app and NFC tap to quickly connect your hobolites.

AVANT Features

High CRI/TLCI 96+

BI-Color 2700 - 6500K

Output up to 8500lm 

NFC Connection 

AC or DC Power   

Weights 2.75lbs 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Workhorse light at every wedding

The Avant is really is my go to light at Weddings – I find that it is easy to maneuver yet still packs a lot of power- and because I do so many destination weddings I love that it is compact and can fit right in my carry-on kit. We rarely need to put it on full power. I also love the flexibility of having multiple battery packs that we can just interchange, but I rarely go through more than one or two on an event. It’s been a great light for Portraits when we’ve been in a dark space or on a rainy day. I also always use it for speeches and first dance. I think the design really aesthetically works when you’re trying to blend into an event design. Overall, I think that this is the best option for any wedding photographer.

Alexis Cuarezma
Powerful and Portable!

The Avant is my favorite light. It's powerful and packs a punch with the lens accessory. The softbox gives beautiful soft light. Combined with the V-mount batteries, they make an elegant solution for working in a studio or on location. I use them to light interviews as well as create portraits.

semi Jun
200% recommend

I'm a photographer who runs a studio. In conclusion, you won't regret using it. It's great for creating a variety of productions while being faithful to the original functions of the lighting equipment. The price is reasonable and the color is so good. It is used as a basic strobe light, and it is used in various ways such as mood cut and product shooting. In addition, the exterior design is vintage and the interior effect is good, so it's pretty wherever you leave it inside the studio. The delivery came quickly, and the seller's response was very kind. I recommend it because it is a product that is satisfying in many ways.

With Avant Creator Kit there is no more Mess and Stress

When you need to travel to shoot the restaurant menu, or the client wants you to shoot their product at their specific location, packing gear and gathering all the essentials for the shoot is a mess and stress. Having a checklist is my priority before I leave for any shoots on locations. But what's even more important is to have all the gear needed packed together so you can quickly run through the checklist and see if everything is in place. That's when the Avant Creator Kit comes to the rescue. It has absolutely everything you possibly need:
- stylish, quality, and durable carry-on case;
- light stand that is very lightweight and with a carry-on bag too;
- softbox that is super stylish and one-click assembly (think about it - one click and your softbox is assembled - it's like heaven on earth!);
- powerful battery bank that is rechargeable or you can shoot plugged into the outlet, if you wish;
- color gels to add a creative twist to the photos;
the light itself with barn doors or not - to say it's just excellent is like to say nothing; it is exceptionally outstanding in all its meanings!
I LOVE this Kit. I can go on for hours about its high accuracy CRI/TLCI, Wi-Fi connection to the phone, and how lightweight, durable, and slick the design is, but it wouldn't describe it fully - you've got to see it, feel it and try it for yourself! 🙌

Show Stopper Lighting

I've been in the industry for 10 years, and the Avant lights have blown me away. I love the golden glowy look they provide, the insane power they put out, the gels and many different attachments that allow me to customize any set. Also super excited that they come with carrying cases for everything which makes taking the lights to locations with me a breeze. They're brilliant lights and I'm having a blast incorporating them in my sessions!