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Pro 300W Bi-Color Continuous LED Light

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Professional Power & Classic Design

Equipped with a Bowens mount lens, the Pro is designed for compatibility with a wide array of light modifiers, so you can easily shape it to your requirements. Featuring superior performance, higher output, and extended control and power options, the light packs a bi-color punch, color accuracy, and smooth dimming. It is the only fixture of the brand's LED line with built-in full-sized Bowens capability. A detachable control panel allows adjustment of settings, including brightness and color temperature, with a clear LCD screen and knurled knobs. You can also manage various parameters of the fixture via app and NFC tap to quickly connect your hobolites.

PRO Features

High CRI/TLCI 96+

BI-Color 2700 - 6500K

Output up to 30000lm 

NFC Connection 

Remote Control

Bowens Mount

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Jasin Boland
They really do inspire you to take your creativity to the next level!

What do I like about Hobolite? Well pretty much everything, I am a very practical photographer who works on film sets and I am drawn to the beauty of constant light, I love searching for beautiful pockets and layers around a subject and Hobolite being a constant light source ticks every box for me in that journey of bringing an image to life.
So lets start with functionality, i'm not the most technologically minded photographer so picking up a piece of photographic equipment and to be able to figure my way around it as quick as my Nikons is imperative.
I turned on my Hobolites and instantly I knew where the settings would be.
Everything is laid out right in front of you and without there being a massive menu system with sub menus of things you will never use.
Straight up, power, colour temp and effects.
When I was told about the app to control them, at first I was like, nah I only need the removable mag screen from the Pro or the the control screens on the Avant and mini.
I had a few minutes before heading to set and I thought well lets see how easy they are to pair.
I couldn't believe how quick and I ended up pairing 4 heads in less than 5 minutes.
Everything about the Hobolite makes perfect sense.
Then of course theres the build, Oh my these are even more beautiful and well engineered than the web page makes them look.
You hold them in your hand and to be honest you just want to keep holding them, you don't want to let them go!
I feel like I have a beautiful 6 x 4x5 camera in my hands.
Seriously you will never find a more beautiful light anywhere, so beautiful my bet is we will see loads of shoots with Hobolites in the frame.
The build of the modifiers and stands are again absolutely stunning, there is nothing that wasn't thought about when the design team got to work on these.
5 stars for me in, in fact in my 30 years as a photographer I have never been so excited about a product!