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Hobolite Pro 300W LED Photography Light Kit

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The Hobolite Pro 300W LED Photography Light is a bi-color continuous light for studio photography and on-location.

This studio photography light is the perfect key light for your visual story.

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Hobolite Light, Light Stand (Carbon Fiber Stand), and Remote Controller come with a 36-month warranty period, which includes a standard 24-month warranty that can be extended by an additional 12 months upon registration.

Professional Power & Classic Design

Equipped with a Bowens mount lens, the Pro photography light kit is designed for compatibility with a wide array of light modifiers, so you can easily shape it to your requirements. Featuring superior performance, higher output, and extended control and power options, the light packs a bi-color punch, color accuracy, and smooth dimming. It is the only fixture of the brand's LED line with built-in full-sized Bowens capability. A detachable control panel allows adjustment of settings, including brightness and color temperature, with a clear LCD screen and knurled knobs. You can also manage various parameters of the fixture via app and NFC tap to quickly connect your hobolites.

PRO Features


High CRI/TLCI 96+


BI-Color 2700 - 6500K


Output up to 30000lm 


NFC Connection 

Remote Control

Bowens Mount

Hobolite Pro portable lighting kit (9).jpg__PID:f382d3f6-6377-4b45-a438-ff982d681591
Hobolite Pro portable lighting kit (10).jpg__PID:82d3f663-779b-4524-b8ff-982d681591b7

Equipped with a detachable lens, this light provides superior spotlighting in a compact size, eliminating the typical ghosting seen with traditional bulky spotlights.

Hobolite Pro portable lighting kit (11).jpg__PID:d3f66377-9b45-4438-bf98-2d681591b72b

Professional-grade zero-flicker technology ensures stable image quality for high-speed continuous shooting or video recording.

Hobolite Pro portable lighting kit (12).jpg__PID:f663779b-4524-48ff-982d-681591b72b76

300W of power with a light output range from 2700K to 6500K.

Hobolite Pro portable lighting kit (13).jpg__PID:63779b45-2438-4f98-ad68-1591b72b76b0

Advanced light control separation: The light controller can be attached to the light body, the power source, or be handheld for direct light adjustment via the control panel.

Hobolite Pro portable lighting kit (14).jpg__PID:779b4524-38ff-482d-a815-91b72b76b094

NFC one-touch connection to activate the app and customize lighting for various shooting scenarios.

Hobolite Pro portable lighting kit (15).jpg__PID:9b452438-ff98-4d68-9591-b72b76b09419

Two power supply options to meet diverse shooting needs. The Kit includes 2x Hobolite V-Mount Battery 95Wh and a Dual DC Battery Charger.

Hobolite Pro portable lighting kit (16).jpg__PID:452438ff-982d-4815-91b7-2b76b09419c8

Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum for the light body, replacing traditional plastic materials

Hobolite Pro portable lighting kit (17).jpg__PID:2438ff98-2d68-4591-b72b-76b09419c855

Built-in intelligent active cooling fan. The intelligent fan system operates with ultra-low noise, less than 28dB at 1 meter.

Hobolite Pro portable lighting kit (18).jpg__PID:38ff982d-6815-41b7-ab76-b09419c855dd
Hobolite Pro portable lighting kit (2).jpg__PID:0085a4f6-e03e-44f3-82d3-f663779b4524
Hobolite Pro portable lighting kit (1).jpg__PID:da0085a4-f6e0-4e04-b382-d3f663779b45

Effortless light shaping for spot, focus, and diffusion

Featuring a Bowens mount, our equipment is compatible with a range of essential accessories including adjustable lenses, barn doors, honeycomb grids, and softboxes, enabling effortless fulfillment of diverse shooting needs.

Hobolite Pro portable lighting kit (3).jpg__PID:85a4f6e0-3e04-4382-93f6-63779b452438

CF310 (122.1'') Light Stand

Constructed from carbon fiber for enhanced lightness and stability. Collapsible, retractable, and easy to carry.

Hobolite Pro portable lighting kit (4).jpg__PID:a4f6e03e-04f3-42d3-b663-779b452438ff

Pack light

Hobolite Pro portable lighting kit (5).jpg__PID:f6e03e04-f382-43f6-a377-9b452438ff98
Hobolite Pro portable lighting kit (6).jpg__PID:e03e04f3-82d3-4663-b79b-452438ff982d
Hobolite Pro portable lighting kit (7).jpg__PID:3e04f382-d3f6-4377-9b45-2438ff982d68
Hobolite Pro portable lighting kit (8).jpg__PID:04f382d3-f663-479b-8524-38ff982d6815

Customer Reviews

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Milan Swolfs
A Game-Changer for Portrait Photography Lighting: Hobolite Creative Pro

Title: A Game-Changer for Portrait Photography Lighting: Hobolite Creative Pro

As a seasoned portrait photographer, my creative journey has predominantly relied on traditional strobes until I discovered the transformative power of the Hobolite Creative Pro. This innovative lighting kit has not only redefined my approach to lighting but has also added a touch of elegance to my setup.

One of the standout features of the Hobolite Creative Pro is its user-friendly design, making setup a breeze. The accompanying app enhances the overall experience by providing seamless control over color temperature and light output. This level of flexibility has allowed me to fine-tune the lighting conditions to perfectly match the mood and tone I desire for each photoshoot.

The Hobolite Creative Pro's compatibility with the common Bowens mount is a game-changer for me. This versatility enables me to easily incorporate a variety of reflectors and light shapers into my setup, allowing for endless creative possibilities. The ability to adapt and experiment with different modifiers has significantly expanded my artistic expression.

As a Leica user and Ambassador, aesthetics play a crucial role in my equipment choices. The Hobolite Creative Pro doesn't disappoint in this regard. Its sleek and classy design not only complements my Leica gear but also adds a touch of sophistication to my studio setup. The attention to detail in both form and function reflects the commitment to quality that aligns with the Leica brand.

In conclusion, the Hobolite Creative Pro has become an indispensable tool in my portrait photography arsenal. Its ease of use, app-controlled precision, compatibility with Bowens mount accessories, and stylish design make it a standout choice for photographers looking to elevate their lighting game. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an enthusiast, the Hobolite Creative Pro is a worthy investment that promises to enhance the visual storytelling in your portraits.

The power of the sun

In my search for new and different lighting options I came across hobolites pro model. Like most of their products it’s aesthetically pleasing in addition to being an amazing tool as well. This light is a staple in my shoots and when paired with the the Hobolite app it’s perfection. The quality of the light is phenomenal. You can tell everybody has been thought of down to the smallest details so creatives can get straight to doing what they do best.

Every Professional Photographer MUST have this light!

PRO is a powerful light that EVERY Photographer MUST have! It gives your photos that luxury look and unleashes your creativity! If you compare it to other lights on the market you won't find any light that powerful and lightweight and also good-looking! This is only about Pro. Set up in 2 minutes, powerful like a lightning strike, stylish-looking like a vintage camera! Two batteries are amazing and keep this light running for 2 hours straight!
Get it now, and forget about problems with the light on set.

An extension of your creativity

The Hobolite Pro is a true game-changer, and let me share a few compelling reasons why I'm so impressed:

1. Seamless Wireless Control: You can effortlessly manage your lighting using the dedicated app on your smartphone, as well as through the wireless control panel. No more hassle with cords and cables.

2. Adjustable Light Temperatures: The flexibility to fine-tune your light's temperature ensures you achieve the perfect mood and atmosphere for your shots.

3. Exceptional Build Quality: The Hobolite Pro exudes quality and durability, giving you confidence in its performance.

4. Expansive Hobolite Ecosystem: It's not just a light; it's part of a versatile ecosystem. The compatibility with Bowens Mount accessories, including carbon fiber light stands, softboxes, and clamps, adds to its versatility.

5. Premium Travel Case: The provided travel case is not only well-constructed but also incredibly convenient, ensuring your gear remains protected during transport.

6. Seamless Lighting Effects: While you're working on videos, the Hobolite Pro offers a variety of lighting effects that make transitions smooth and effortless.

7. Impeccable Product Presentation: The presentation of this product is nothing short of impressive, reflecting the dedication and attention to detail put into its design.

These are just a few of the standout features of the Hobolite Pro. But what truly sets it apart is the ability to stay fully immersed in your creative moment while shooting. With this light, you can forget about the complexities of flashes, triggers, and receivers. I've been using the Pro for nearly a year now, and it has become my go-to choice. Its capability to switch between wireless and wired power, particularly for longer shoots, grants me the creative freedom I need. This means I can focus on creating without worrying about technical distractions. Although I still use my strobe lights, the peace of mind I get from setting up the Hobolite Pro for a shoot is unparalleled. I also incorporate the Hobolite Avants into my setup. While the Avants can serve as key lights, I prefer to use the Pro as my primary light source and the Avants as fill or kicker lights, which results in fantastic image quality (check out the example images). In conclusion, the Hobolite Pro is a must-have for any photographer or videographer seeking a revolutionary lighting solution that enhances creativity and simplifies the shooting process. You won't be disappointed!

Jasin Boland
They really do inspire you to take your creativity to the next level!

What do I like about Hobolite? Well pretty much everything, I am a very practical photographer who works on film sets and I am drawn to the beauty of constant light, I love searching for beautiful pockets and layers around a subject and Hobolite being a constant light source ticks every box for me in that journey of bringing an image to life.
So lets start with functionality, i'm not the most technologically minded photographer so picking up a piece of photographic equipment and to be able to figure my way around it as quick as my Nikons is imperative.
I turned on my Hobolites and instantly I knew where the settings would be.
Everything is laid out right in front of you and without there being a massive menu system with sub menus of things you will never use.
Straight up, power, colour temp and effects.
When I was told about the app to control them, at first I was like, nah I only need the removable mag screen from the Pro or the the control screens on the Avant and mini.
I had a few minutes before heading to set and I thought well lets see how easy they are to pair.
I couldn't believe how quick and I ended up pairing 4 heads in less than 5 minutes.
Everything about the Hobolite makes perfect sense.
Then of course theres the build, Oh my these are even more beautiful and well engineered than the web page makes them look.
You hold them in your hand and to be honest you just want to keep holding them, you don't want to let them go!
I feel like I have a beautiful 6 x 4x5 camera in my hands.
Seriously you will never find a more beautiful light anywhere, so beautiful my bet is we will see loads of shoots with Hobolites in the frame.
The build of the modifiers and stands are again absolutely stunning, there is nothing that wasn't thought about when the design team got to work on these.
5 stars for me in, in fact in my 30 years as a photographer I have never been so excited about a product!

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