The woman behind Hobolite is on a mission to empower your creativity

The-woman-behind-Hobolite-is-on-a-mission-to-empower-your-creativity. Hobolite
CEO and principal Product Designer Helena Bian believes in the power of balance and recognizes its impact on both life and leadership. With an inherent corporate culture embracing diversity- of perspective, workforce, community and product innovation, Bian’s ethos welcomes multidimensional collaboration and creativity, with a conscious moral fiber that drives her product design.

As a result: We serve to shine light on your capacity to create the art that lives in your heart. To reveal and create space for your passion to express your world with your unique voice.

With community as the backbone of the brand, we believe that your light can be bold, powerful and beautiful, and that it deserves to be seen.

And perhaps, the light you chase leads back to you.
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