Hobolite Adjustable LED Light Stand 210 (82.7'') for Professional Photography

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Key Features
  • Maximum Height: 82.7‘’ / 210 cm
  • Load Capacity: 4.4 lb / 2 kg
  • Closed Length: 1.6' / 48.8 cm
  • Weight: 2.2 lb / 1 kg
  • Lightweight & Collapsible
  • Durable Carbon Fiber Construction

CF210 is a sturdy, compact LED light stand designed for use with the Hobolite Mini. Designed to provide stability even at maximum height, this Carbon Fiber LED Light Stand from Hobolite rises to 6.9'.

Its sturdy aircraft-grade carbon fiber construction will safely hold up to 4.4 lb of gear. Ideal for Hobolite LED lights, this support will benefit image-makers working in the studio and on location.

The bottom hook of the tripod is designed to support a maximum weight of 44 lbs. Its primary purpose is to enhance the stability of the tripod by adding extra weight, particularly when the tripod is extended to higher positions, demanding increased stability for the base. This robust hook serves the dual function of providing a counterbalance for improved steadiness, ensuring optimal performance even in elevated shooting scenarios.

Highly portable and lightweight, the stand quickly folds down to 1.6' for storage and transportation. A carry bag is included for your convenience.

The dual screw size (1/4" and 3/8") is the ideal way to securely attach a Hobolite to any accessory mount with a threaded hole. 

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