Hobolite Mini 20W Portable Bi-Color Continuous LED Lighting Kit

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Hobolite Light, Light Stand (Carbon Fiber Stand), and Remote Controller come with a 36-month warranty period, which includes a standard 24-month warranty that can be extended by an additional 12 months upon registration.

Miniature Size Maximum Performance

Outfitted with a 15 to 45° focusable lens and graced with a unique vintage styling, the Mini Bi-Color LED Light Creator Kit from Hobolite is elegant, highly portable, and versatile. Designed to act as a micro studio wherever you need it, the light packs a bi-color punch, color accuracy, and smooth dimming. Local adjustments are extremely easy thanks to a clear LCD screen and knurled knobs. Control is also possible via app and NFC tap to quickly connect your hobolites.

MINI Features


High CRI/TLCI 96+


BI-Color 2700 - 6500K


Adjustable Lens 15°-45°


NFC Connection


Integrated Battery


Weights 1lb



Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Tom's Frames
Oldschool romance

To be honest, Mini is just like my Fuji. It is made to make you enjoy the process.
Just by looking at it, it gives you this romantic, oldschool, artsy vibe that we all search for.
You feel good creating, it's not just something getting done and going home.

So Obsessed!!!

Honestly I love everything about this light!! It’s so pretty just as a light itself, and so easy to take with me everywhere! It’s got so much power for being so small and I feel like I can set it up anywhere! Huge fan and so glad I got it!

Raphaël A. (Raphael_Ark)
My Favorite Accessory of 2023

If I had to choose a favorite accessory for the year 2023, it would undoubtedly be the Hobolite.
A friend introduced me to the product, and I immediately fell in love with the concept, the vintage look, the well-thought-out filter and accessory system, and the app that allows you to control the lamp. It often accompanies me on my photo outings, and it's impressive to see so much power in such a small device.
I currently have a mini, and I admit I'm excited to see the upcoming releases and accessories.

Ryan Davis
Exquisite and fun

Very delicate, enjoyable to use. Looking forward to trying it outdoors when the opportunity arises.

Lily Johnson
Ideal birthday gift

Bought it as a birthday gift for my boyfriend, and he loves it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Long-press the color temperature adjustment knob and rotate it according to the on-screen prompt to power on. To power off, long-press the color temperature adjustment knob. Rotate the brightness adjustment knob for a range of 1% to 100% brightness. Adjust the color temperature by rotating the color temperature adjustment knob within the range of 2700K to 6500K. For more details, please refer to our instructional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y552fjHxHbE