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Hobolite Micro 8W Portable Bi-Color Continuous LED Lighting Kit

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Hobolite Light, Light Stand (Carbon Fiber Stand), and Remote Controller come with a 36-month warranty period, which includes a standard 24-month warranty that can be extended by an additional 12 months upon registration.

Small Light, Big Impact

Experience the power of compact versatility with the Hobolite Micro. Weighin in at only 0.52 lb, the Micro is designed for effortless portability, this pocket-sized LED light redefines convenience in creative lighting. Despite its small stature, the Micro packs a punch with its 8W output, delivering an impressive 500lm of illumination. Plus, with our innovative Micro Adjustable Lens, you can instantly amplify its output to 6 x 8W. Seamlessly integrate the Micro into your setup with our V-Mount Ballhead Tripod Adapter and V-mount Quick Lock Ballhead Cold Shoe Adapter, allowing for effortless mounting on tripods and cameras. Streamline your workflow and elevate your creative pursuits with the Hobolite Micro – the ultimate portable lighting solution. Available in three kit options designed to empower your visual story.

MICRO Features


High CRI/TLCI 96+


BI-Color 2700 - 6500K


Magnetic Mount


NFC Connection


Detachable Battery  


Weights 0.52lbs

Lightweight & Portable

The Micro fits easily into your luggage, backpack or pocket making it the perfect companion for all your adventures. Lightweight at 0.52 lb, the Micro delivers a dazzling 8W output across the entire color spectrum, ensuring the perfect complement to the light of your story. With up to 500 lumens of brightness, it's perfect for any task, from reading in dimly lit spaces to adding ambiance to outdoor gatherings.


Keeping It Simple

Say goodbye to complicated setups and hello to effortless illumination. With the Micro's intuitive design and simple instructions, you can have your LED lighting kit ready to go in no time. The distinctive magnetic mount design allows for quick and effortless attachment or detachment of accessories with one hand in under a second. The HD LCD display is equipped with knurled control knobs for seamless dimming from 0-100%. Push the knobs for quick adjustments between settings to create the ideal ambiance. With an advanced, easy-to-navigate user interface, you can effortlessly toggle between different settings and lighting modes. Whether you're on the move or simply want hassle-free lighting at home, our Micro takes the stress out of setting up and packing away your lighting.


Versatile Power Solution

The Micro's 3-in-1 charging case is capable of simultaneously charging two batteries, fulfilling the functions of a power bank, charging dock, and storage compartment in one powerful charging solution (2000mAh 3.7V, 7.4Wh). The unique removable battery design allows for easy replacement at any time, ensuring a fully charged battery whenever needed. With the ability to change batteries in just one second, there's no need to worry about extended periods of creativity or supplementary lighting.

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How is the Master Kit different

Micro Adjustable Lens

Your key to unleashing the full potential of your lighting setup. With the ability to transform 8W of brightness into an impressive 6x8W in one second, this powerful accessory elevates your creative capabilities to new heights. Perfect for highlighting specific areas in your visual stories, the Micro Adjustable Lens ensures precise control over your lighting, allowing you to capture stunning visuals with unmatched clarity and impact. Enhance your lighting kit with the Micro Adjustable Lens and illuminate your creativity like never before.

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Extendable Desktop Tripod Light Stand

With its extendable design, this tripod effortlessly adapts to your needs, providing flexible height adjustment for optimal lighting angles. Easy to use and quick to set up, it's the perfect companion for photographers and content creators seeking convenience without compromise. With a maximum height of 22 inches (56cm), this tripod ensures your lighting setup reaches new heights, literally and figuratively.

Extendable Desktop Tripod Light Stand.png__PID:c5cd6941-7fc7-4cae-a3d0-68850050ecb2

V-mount Quick Lock Ballhead Cold Shoe Adapter

Designed to fit onto your camera, this adapter connects continous light to your favorite camera. With its innovative design, you can adjust any angle of your lighting setup without the hassle of locking or unlocking mechanisms, ensuring quick and precise adjustments on the fly. Plus, its secure grip allows for easy and perfect fitting of your lighting equipment, ensuring a seamless and reliable connection every time.

V-mount Quick Lock Ballhead Cold Shoe Adapter.png__PID:69417fc7-bcae-43d0-a885-0050ecb214ff

V-Mount Ballhead Tripod Adapter

Engineered for ease of use and compatibility, this adapter ensures a perfect fit onto your tripod or light stand, providing stability and reliability for your lighting equipment. With its innovative design, you can adjust the angle of your lighting setup easily, without the need for locking or unlocking mechanisms. Enjoy unparalleled flexibility and precision in positioning your lights, allowing you to capture your shots from any angle with confidence.

Pack Light

Our content creator lighting equipment redefines what it means to pack light for creativity on the go. Designed for easy travel, set up, and break down, our lights are made to last, build to inspire, powerful, and suitable for a variety of scenarios, such as portraits, live streams, podcasting, food photography, pet photography, and more.

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Your Vision, Illuminated



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Lisa Zanzal

Used this with soft foldable soft box attached to my camera such amazing results feel in live now it’s my go to shoots now.

Amazing little kit

This is my first entry into the Hobolite ecosystem and the Micro Master kit is great for my photography needs. I was just looking for a small light source to spruce up my fashion photography and this really delivers.

Hobolite micro creator kit

Got the kit to expand my gear, had the idea that it could light out some details in my picture"s but it was way more powerful than I imagined. Took it to a couple of shoots with me and I was amazed. Bought a second one and a litedock. Can't imagine going to shoots without them anymore. So happy! Saving up for a pair of avant kits now!

Lucas Davis
Adorable and bright machine

A cute little gadget! Bought this to decorate my table, occasionally using it for extra light. Impressive brightness—shining it on specimens gives a museum-like feel. The small details and the original stand make it exquisitely retro.

Taya Feskov
Hobolite Micro Creator Kit is a Must

I'm absolutely thrilled with the Hobolite Micro Light Creator Kit. Its compact size makes it incredibly versatile, fitting easily into my pocket or bag. Despite its small form, this light packs a powerful punch, providing bright and reliable illumination. The rechargeable battery is a game-changer, ensuring I never have to worry about running out of power. Plus, the durable construction gives me confidence that it's great to take outdoors and will survive travel to shoot on locations. A convenient flashlight that won't disappoint. It's compact, bright, rechargeable, and built to last – everything you could want in a portable light!
I also love the carry-on case it comes with because I don't have to worry about having to forget something; it's all in one case.

Frequently Asked Questions

2” x 2.7” x 3”, 0.52 lbs