Hobolite Pro

Professional Portable Continuous Light


Pro Features






2700k - 6500K


High-quality Output

up to 30000lm



Mobile App Control

Remote Control

Control Panel

Bowens Mount

Compatible with various uses


Professional Grade Illumination

Professional level bi-color professional light with styling reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood. Ensuring an output of 300W across the full-color spectrum with excellent luminous flux from 24000lm to 30000lm. Faux leather accents on the side panels lend a hint of nostalgia while sacrificing nothing in modern performance. 

Superior Color Accuracy

Pro offers an excellent color range of 2700K to 6500K. Each light is calibrated one by one to achieve high and accurate CRI (96+) and TLCI (96+) metrics. Exceptional color temperature consistency between each light ensures that multiple Hobolites will always match.

Flexible Lighting Control

The Pro puts control within reach with the detachable control panel, max distance of 20m/65.6ft. Connect to the light body, power supply, or control wirelessly, the choice is yours.

Cast Aluminum Architecture 

Meticulously crafted using aircraft-grade aluminum with faux leather side panels and built to last, the Pro is designed to meet the most demanding needs of professional photographers, delivering unparalleled performance and precision. Pro is built to withstand the rigors of travel shooting, ensuring a consistent reliable lighting tool that highlights every detail and enhances every shot.

Interchangeable Lens Accessories

An industry-standard Bowen’s Mount allows for the use of any light modifiers including the optional Hobolite accessories such as a Softbox and a Lantern, all designed to optimize the Pro optics for minimal light loss.

Advanced UI & Controls

HD LED display screen is equipped with knurled control knobs enabling precise control over lighting setups with seamless dimming from 0-100%. Four-button quick setting system provides the most efficient light adjustment, allowing quick light adjustments to common settings to create a stunning ambiance in no time. With an advanced easy-to-use UI, professionals can effortlessly navigate through different light modes or fan settings.

Versatile Lighting Solution

Our lighting system is designed to meet the dynamic needs of professionals in the creator industry. The system includes a range of accessories such as barn doors, honeycomb, diffuser dome, and umbrella-shaped softbox, which enables you to fully customize your lighting setup to match your unique requirements.

Complete Power Solutions

Equipped with an array of cutting-edge features, this power supply comes bundled with cables that ensure effortless connectivity between your devices. Moreover, Hobolite 95kWh external V-mount battery provides a reliable and consistent power supply, ensuring that your equipment operates at peak performance throughout your shoot.

Ultimate Light for Any Setting

A stunning and portable bi-color LED light for ultimate control in any setting. Whether you're a photographer, filmmaker, or simply looking to upgrade your studio lighting, the Pro's classic design and versatility make it the ideal solution for all your lighting needs.

Choose Your Kit


Starter Kit From $1899

Features all the essentials you need to get up and running with professional grade lighting.


Standard Kit $1599

With high-quality accessories, to provide increased lighting modification, the Standard Kit is the go-to addition to existing studio setups.


Creator Kit $1999

With everything you need to set up a professional shooting space, the Creator Kit comes complete with a softbox attachment, and lightweight carbon fiber light stand to complete a professional and impressive studio setup with exacting attention to detail.


APP Download

With Bluetooth control via App, you have access to even more advanced settings and features. The App allows you to control individual lights, group scenes, and effects for custom lighting setups. Adding new lights to the app is easy too - simply use the NFC touch to connect feature.

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