Hobolite Introduces The First-ever Extreme Weather System

Hobolite Introduces The First-ever Extreme Weather System - Hobolite

Built to Take the Creator Out of the Studio, the New X-Series Knows No Bounds

Chicago, IL – November 15, 2023 – Hobolite, renowned for its design-forward lighting solutions, unveils its latest innovation, the X-Series. Launching today, the Mini-X and LiteDock-X are the first products built for ambitious photographers and videographers determined to get the shot regardless of weather conditions.


Designed to withstand splashing water and keep out sand and dust while performing in temperatures from -22°to+104°F allows creators to follow their inspiration regardless of the weather. Crafted with the timeless style Hobolite is known for, the X-Series features blue vegan leather, differentiating it from the traditional brown of the regular product line. 


"It's not just about crafting a beautiful product but enhancing the creative process for our customers. With the X-Series, we're making professional-grade lighting accessible to every creator, regardless of location. This launch epitomizes our dedication to merging timeless aesthetics with contemporary functionality," said Helena Bian, Founder and CEO of Hobolite.


The X-Series introductory products include the Mini-X and LiteDock-X. The Mini-X is a bi-color 20-watt battery-powered light that outputs up to 1600 lumens. The light will run for 50 minutes on the internal battery. For an extended running time, the Mini-X can be paired with the LiteDock-X a 35-kWh battery pack for an uninterrupted 2.5 hours. The LiteDock-X can be used as a handle for the Mini-X, or attached to a light stand.


Beyond its extreme weather design, the Mini-X boasts a range of features that set it apart from other lights on the market. Its dual-driver system ensures consistent and powerful illumination across the temperature range of 2700K - 6700K. The built-in adjustable lens allows for fine-tuning of the light beam from 15°-45°. The knurled control knobs allow for easy adjustments even when wearing gloves, and integration with the Hobolite app allows for remote control. Furthermore, the magnetic mount design allows for swift attachment or detachment of accessories such as a diffuser dome and color filter gels to the barndoor for a quick change of the light output in seconds.


"The technology used in the creation of the X-Series was perfected over years of experience in the work light industry where durability and flexibility are paramount. Artists have always taken inspiration from the outdoors and the world around them; with the X-Series, weather is no longer a detriment to creating art,” Bian added.



About Hobolite

Hobolite is the brainchild of AEC, a company committed to developing portable LED lights and other productivity tools through innovation since 2000. Our mission is to create lighting that is as functional as it is beautiful. Hobolite lights are not simply tools but an expression of the artists who use them. Designed for the artist on the go the lights are crafted to work together as a cohesive, smart system to reduce the burden of packing multiple tools and attachments when life, art, and work take you out of the studio.

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