Hobolite Identified as One of the Most Inventive Brands of 2023 by PhotographyTalk

Hoblite Identified as One of the Most Inventive Brands of 2023 by PhotographyTalk Hobolite

In a recent disclosure by PhotographyTalk, the world's premier photography community, the 2023 roster of inventive brands encompassed Hoblite, commending it as one of the most imaginative brands of the year.

This recognition originates from a comprehensive article disseminated by PhotographyTalk.

Rarely have traditional perceptions associated with photography lighting revolved around standard fill lights, flash units, and light stands. This is a conventional mindset shaped by comparable offerings from veteran lighting brands.

Conversely, Hoblite shatters this stereotype with its distinctive methodology. Typically viewed as a functional piece of photography equipment, in the background at shoots, is the notion of Hoblite's novel perspective.

Subsequent to several hands-on evaluations with various Hoblite offerings (like the Hobolite Micro and Hoblite Mini  depicted in the accompanying images) it has been demonstrated that utilizing these lights augments the craving to create, facilitating the implementation of creative visions spontaneously.

The classic aesthetics of Hoblite is merely one component of its innovation. A further feature is the compact size coupled with superior light output. Reflecting on the Hoblite Micro, a pocket-sized luminaire that boasts a high color rendering index (CRI/TLCI) of 96 or more, magnetic accessory attachments, dual color temperature output spanning from 2700K to 6500K, and a replaceable lithium battery. It even incorporates NFC technology for easy connection and remote operation via a smartphone app.


These state-of-the-art features are encapsulated in just 235 grams of light, complemented by a broad spectrum of accessories such as barn doors, color filters, Fresnel lenses, and softboxes. Similar accessories are also available for other Hoblite series products.

Hoblite's products therefore extend beyond mere tools; they are an articulation of the user's creativity. Whether it's entry-level Hoblite Micro, professional-grade Hoblite Pro, or anything in between, Hoblite empowers creators to fully realize their creative visions.

Significantly, Hoblite's diverse range of lighting accessories, designed to augment any lighting toolkit—from softboxes to stands, batteries, and chargers—deserves mention.

I am currently evaluating a new product called the 'Instant Power Grip' to further stimulate innovation and functionality upon release. Although Hoblite is a relatively nascent brand, it has already carved a distinct niche in the photography lighting industry recently – an achievement that has not been easily achieved.


Every effort they make underscores Hoblite's dedication to revolutionizing lighting, providing photographers and videographers with a broader choice of options that prioritize quality, design, and portability.

If you're considering upgrading your lighting equipment, choosing an inventive brand like Hoblite is a wise decision!

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