Hobolite Announces Expansion into Korean Market with Saeki P&C

Hobolite-Announces-Expansion-into-Korean-Market-with-Saeki-P-C Hobolite

Hobolite CEO Helena Bian & Saeki P&C GM James Lee

Shanghai, January 30th – Hobolite, a leader in design-driven lighting technology, is proud to announce an expansion of their global footprint.

On January 31, 2024, Hobolite will officially enter the South Korean market in partnership with Saeki P&C Co., marking a key milestone in the brand's endeavor to deliver cutting-edge lighting solutions worldwide.

Saeki P&C, a distributor with a respected history dating back to 1977, is renowned for its partnership with globally acclaimed imaging brands, including Zeiss, Sony, Ricoh, and Sigma. Their expertise in the industry, combined with a strong corporate structure and dedication to quality, aligns perfectly with Hobolite's vision and values.

Saeki P&C is known for its commitment to quality, with a focus on importing and selling high-quality products, building comprehensive after-sales service systems, and nurturing professional talent. This synergy promises to enhance the creative capabilities of professionals and enthusiasts alike within the Korean market.

This strategic alliance between Hobolite and Saeki P&C underscores a mutual dedication to excellence and quality. Helena Bian, CEO of Hobolite, and James Lee, General Manager of Saeki P&C, are confident that the partnership will greatly benefit Korean consumers, offering easier access to Hobolite's premium lighting products.

"As we launch Hobolite in South Korea, we are excited to witness the positive impact of our advanced lighting solutions on the creative landscape," states Helena Bian, "Our commitment to exceptional design-forward products remains unwavering, and we look forward to a successful journey in Korea, fostering innovation and creativity in the world of lighting technology."

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