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Hobolite Lighting: A Sensation at Salon de la Photo Exhibition 2023

Hobolite Lighting: A Sensation at Salon de la Photo Exhibition 2023 Hobolite

Hobolite Lighting, a rising star brand in the photography industry, continues to captivate audiences worldwide with its innovative products and retro design. The brand recently made waves at the esteemed Salon de la Photo exhibition in 2023, gaining significant attention and solidifying its position as a popular choice among photography enthusiasts.

With a booth that attracted a large number of enthusiastic spectators, and a dedicated brand ambassador Aishy, who imparted invaluable photography expertise, Hobolite Lighting left an indelible mark on the show. Renowned for his photography prowess, the ambassador graciously shared their knowledge and expertise with visitors. Through engaging demonstrations and informative discussions, they showcased the potential of Hobolite Lighting products to enhance photography skills and creativity.

At the Salon de la Photo exhibition, Hobolite's booth stood out from the crowd. The sleek and modern display design immediately caught the eye of passersby, drawing them in with its elegant aesthetic. With a wide range of lighting solutions showcased, visitors were spoilt for choice.

The booth featured interactive displays that allowed spectators to experience the versatility and functionality of Hobolite Lighting products firsthand. From adjustable color temperatures to customizable intensity levels, the brand's lighting solutions offer photographers endless possibilities to capture their subjects in the perfect light.

Hobolite Lighting's impressive presence at the Salon de la Photo exhibition in 2023 solidified its position as a popular and innovative brand in the photography industry. The booth's attraction and spectator engagement, coupled with the expertise of the brand ambassador, left a lasting impression on visitors. Hobolite continues to push boundaries and inspire photographers worldwide with its exceptional lighting solutions.


About Hobolite
Hobolite is the brainchild of AEC, a company committed to developing portable LED lights and other productivity tools through innovation since 2000. Our mission is to create lighting that is as functional as it is beautiful. Hobolites lights are not simply tools but an expression of the artists who use them. Designed for the artist on the go the lights are crafted to work together as a cohesive, smart system to reduce the burden of packing multiple tools and attachments when life, art, and work take you out of the studio. For more information, visit www.hobolite.com.

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