Hobolite Design-Forward Lighting Solutions expands European Availability

Hobolite Design-Forward Lighting Solutions expands European Availability Hobolite

Premium Lighting Company Expands Distribution through Eastern Europe

New York, NY – (DATE, 2023) – Hobolite, the company creating classically styled lighting solutions for creative professionals, announces it is expanding distribution throughout Eastern Europe. The company has partnered with Focus Nordic who will be carrying the suite of lighting products that artfully combines artistic thinking with industrial design in their respective areas.

The lights first launched in the US Market at the beginning of the year, followed by Western Europe in March. The product line combines portability and performance with a design reminiscent of "Old Hollywood." Suitable for all photographers, videographers, and content creators, the products have been well received by the photography and videography community.

"Hobolite is about more than just the creation of a new lighting tool. Created with the intention of making connections with artists and helping them to do their job easier," states Hobolite Founder Helena Bian. "Art is supposed to be everywhere, and these lights combine both art and function. Through our new partnership with Focus Nordic, we are expanding our availability to artists throughout Europe with a company whose vision aligns with our own."

Focus Nordic is the leading distributor of photo and video in Europe. They lead the industry forward and are dedicated to sharing knowledge and inspiration. Their mission is to provide end users with everything they need for an optimal photo, video and optics experience and to be the best partner for our manufacturers and suppliers by adding value to their brands with the highest possible brand visibility, brand awareness and market share.

Created for artists by artists, Hobolites four continuous lighting solutions – the Micro, Mini, Avant, and Pro – combine classic style with modern performance. Hobolites are designed to function separately or together as one smart cohesive system.

Each Hobolite is outfitted with faux leather side panel accents on the aviation-grade aluminum body. This attention to detail provides a unique style that connects to the personal brand of the on-the-go photographer, videographer, or content creator.

Additional premium features include hand-selected bi-color COBs with consistent color temperatures from 2700 to 6500 Kelvin across all three models. A dual-driver system ensures full power across the color spectrum, with full dimming control, an HD LCD screen, and fan control.

For more information or to sign up for email updates about Hobolite, visit www.hobolite.com.

About Hobolite
Hobolite is the brainchild of AEC, a company committed to developing portable LED lights and other productivity tools through innovation since 2000. Our mission is to create lighting that is as functional as it is beautiful. Hobolites lights are not simply tools but an expression of the artists who use them. Designed for the artist on the go the lights are crafted to work together as a cohesive, smart system to reduce the burden of packing multiple tools and attachments when life, art, and work take you out of the studio. For more information, visit www.hobolite.com.

About Focus Nordic
Focus Nordic is the leading distributor of photo and video in Europe with more than 70 brands represented in 28 markets. We lead the industry forward and are dedicated to share knowledge and inspiration. Our estimated annual turnover is 65 million EUR.

With economies of scales across countries, languages, currencies and cultures, Focus Nordic efficiently represent a large number of manufacturers and brands within photo, video and optics in order to provide a wide extensive product range. With a centralized head office in Sweden covering logistics, product management, marketing, finance and IT together with local market expertise in our local sales teams, we cover all our markets locally as one. For more information, visit www.focusnordic.com.
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