Your Vision. Illuminated

The Hobolite brand is backed by over 20 years of expertise through its parent company, AEC Lighting Solutions and has won numerous design awards. The mission of Hobolite is to empower creators to elevate creativity, productivity, and identity through innovative lighting solutions built to inspire.  Hobolite products are available across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. 

We hold 69 patents and copyrights in major markets, including 2 invention patents. Trademark registrations have been secured in 21 countries and regions, such as China, the United States, the European Union, Australia, and Japan.

What is the role of passion in our pursuit to create art across the canvas of life? From grace to grit, unwavering love and belief in our dreams serve as driving forces that break through perceived limitations on the pathway to our dreams. This love pulses the heartbeat of life in every place we go, every job we engage in, and every work of art we create. We reject mediocrity, constantly break boundaries, constantly explore areas of innovation, and find ways to integrate imagination into reality.

This is the path of expansion and growth- be it personal, professional, or simply to be.

This is the ethos of Hobolite.

To ignite our capacity to shine.

Helena Bian, Hobolite CEO & Founder

The Hobolite Mission: We empower creators to elevate their productivity, creativity and identity with innovative lighting solutions built to inspire. We believe your light deserves to be seen.

Meet the Team


CEO + FOUNDER | An artist, engineer and product Designer at her core, Helena Bian took over Hobolite’s parent company AEC in 2009. Under her leadership and guidance, the company has grown to become an internationally successful LED lighting company. She’s on a mission to ensure that lights are not only functional but beautiful as well.


GENERAL MANAGER, HOBOLITE US | Wolff will lead Hobolite under a strategic vision and innovative approach by overseeing all aspects of the business, including product management, operations, sales, and marketing. Wolff is a well-respected and innovative leader within the photography industry, combined with his extensive background from 10 different roles in 4 different countries, positions Roland Wolff as a dynamic and visionary leader in the industry.


VP OF MARKETING, HOBOLITE US | Kiran Karnani is a marketing leader with expertise in the premium and luxury lifestyle sector.  She pioneered critical initiatives for Leica’s North American market, including the Leica Women Foto Project Award. She is an active member of Chief, a private organization for women executives. Kiran prioritizes leadership guided by compassion, authenticity, and integrity for tangible results in brand visibility, sales and community engagement.


NATIONAL SALES DIRECTOR, HOBOLITE US | Bryan Covarrubias, our 19-year photo and cinema veteran, excels in sales and mentoring. An avid LA sports fan and proud family man, he adores his wife and three kids. A camera nerd at heart, Bryan revels in exploring the latest industry tools and feels at home in any camera store.


PRODUCT SPECIALIST, HOBOLITE US | Michael Miceli is a videographer and photographer with a passion for creating visual content. As an artist, he was drawn to the classical styling of the Hobolite and joined the company in 2022 to lead product innovation and development. With a passion for injecting fun and personality into his projects, he personifies the brand in everything he does.


MARKETING MANAGER, HOBOLITE US | Kevin Frey has a rich tapestry of skills ranging from video production to digital marketing. Infused with the energy of Los Angeles' entertainment world and the precision of autonomous technology, He is always on the lookout for fresh ways to connect with and inspire our global community. As the Marketing Manager, he seamlessly blends his vast expertise to elevate the Hobolite brand, ensuring it resonates with audiences worldwide.


VP OF MARKETING, HOBOLITE CHINA | Rose Yu is a digital marketing expert with a strong background in corporate leadership. She earned her degree from the CEIBS Global and has held executive positions at Danone Group, a highly successful Fortune 500 company. Rose has an impressive decade-long track record of entrepreneurial experience and also completed six world's major marathons.


VP CIO, HOBOLITE CHINA | Allen Zhang, a successful engineer, earned his degree from the prestigious China Europe International Business School. He has held various high-level positions such as CIO and CTO in prominent companies including Greenland Group, Ping An Group, and Lenovo Research Institute.