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Hobolite Avant 100W Content Creator Bi-Color LED Continuous Lighting Kit

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Hobolite Light, Light Stand (Carbon Fiber Stand), and Remote Controller come with a 36-month warranty period, which includes a standard 24-month warranty that can be extended by an additional 12 months upon registration.

Style & Portability At Your Fingertips 

A portable lighting kit with a vintage style. This compact light delivers bright, even illumination, perfect for creators on the move. With Bi-Color capabilities, color accuracy, and smooth dimming, it's your versatile lighting solution. Adjust settings effortlessly with the LCD screen, knobs, or app. Enjoy efficiency with Bi-color temperature, eliminating the need for extra gels. Triple your illuminance output with the spotlight lens, reaching 8500 lumens. Benefit from stable output with dual-channel drive technology. Experience flicker-free performance and quiet operation with the built-in cooling fan. Power your shoots with AC or continuous power modes. Elevate your creativity with the Avant Bi-Color Continuous LED Light Kit.

AVANT Features


High CRI/TLCI 96+


BI-Color 2700 - 6500K


Output up to 8500lm 


NFC Connection 

AC or DC Power   

Weights 2.75lbs 

Hobolite Avant portable LED light (1).jpg__PID:bef02b15-0075-44a7-b761-ad925065d795
Hobolite Avant portable LED light (2).jpg__PID:2b150075-54a7-4761-ad92-5065d7950929

Equipped with a detachable lens, providing superior spotlighting in a compact size without the typical ghosting seen with traditional bulky spotlights.

Hobolite Avant portable LED light (3).jpg__PID:007554a7-b761-4d92-9065-d795092996f9

Utilizing 'dual-channel drive' technology. Maintaining a stable output of 100W for each color temperature

Hobolite Avant portable LED light (4).jpg__PID:54a7b761-ad92-4065-9795-092996f958ab

Professional-grade 'zero-flicker' technology. Ensures stable image quality for high-speed continuous shooting or video recording.

Hobolite Avant portable LED light (5).jpg__PID:b761ad92-5065-4795-8929-96f958ab4a2b

Precision 'color temperature consistency', with a tolerance of only 100K

Hobolite Avant portable LED light (6).jpg__PID:ad925065-d795-4929-96f9-58ab4a2bea3a

In addition to using an external lithium battery for power, this device can also be connected to an AC power supply to provide stable and continuous lighting support during shooting.

Hobolite Avant portable LED light.jpg__PID:b72b76b0-9419-4855-9dbe-c88ae57cedb1
Hobolite Avant portable LED light (8).jpg__PID:65d79509-2996-4958-ab4a-2bea3aa8c379
Hobolite Avant portable LED light (9).jpg__PID:d7950929-96f9-48ab-8a2b-ea3aa8c379ae

Built-in intelligent 'active cooling' fan. Intelligent fan system with ultra-low noise <28dB@1m

Hobolite Avant portable LED light (10).jpg__PID:95092996-f958-4b4a-abea-3aa8c379ae8e

External '95Wh V-mount battery' for extended on-the-go shooting power.

Hobolite portable LED light APP control-11.jpg__PID:dbd5932b-19ed-4879-a5b3-85efa40391da

NFC one-touch connection to activate the app and customize lighting for different shooting scenarios.

Avant Accessories

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Hobolite Avant portable LED light (3).png__PID:7554a7b7-61ad-4250-a5d7-95092996f958
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Hobolite Avant portable LED light (5).png__PID:61ad9250-65d7-4509-a996-f958ab4a2bea
Hobolite Avant portable LED light (6).png__PID:925065d7-9509-4996-b958-ab4a2bea3aa8

Pack Light

Our avant portable LED lighting gear transforms the concept of traveling light for creative endeavors. Engineered for effortless portability, setup, and teardown, our lights are crafted for durability, designed to ignite inspiration, potent, and adaptable to numerous settings including outdoor photography, indoor photography, live streams, wedding photography and beyond.

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Hobolite Avant portable LED light (12).jpg__PID:2996f958-ab4a-4bea-baa8-c379ae8ea1a9

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Dylan Pexton
It's incredibly lightweight

This is by far the most portable lighting kit I own! It's incredibly lightweight, allowing me to effortlessly maneuver the entire Creator Kit with a softbox with one hand while keeping my camera steady in the other.


I love love love this light kit! I've never had a light come in such nice packaging or equipment that looked this good! Ten out of ten on all fronts!

David Bowles
Super useful

Been using this light as my main YouTube light and I love it! The creators kit is an amazing bundle as well! Highly recommend.

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Saves space

The lighting is light and compact, saving a lot of space. And it looks beautiful and retro.

Workhorse light at every wedding

The Avant is really is my go to light at Weddings – I find that it is easy to maneuver yet still packs a lot of power- and because I do so many destination weddings I love that it is compact and can fit right in my carry-on kit. We rarely need to put it on full power. I also love the flexibility of having multiple battery packs that we can just interchange, but I rarely go through more than one or two on an event. It’s been a great light for Portraits when we’ve been in a dark space or on a rainy day. I also always use it for speeches and first dance. I think the design really aesthetically works when you’re trying to blend into an event design. Overall, I think that this is the best option for any wedding photographer.

Frequently Asked Questions

To power on or off the light, connect the power and long-press the power button for 1.5 seconds. Adjust brightness by rotating the brightness adjustment knob within the range of 1% to 100% (85LM-8500LM). Long-press the brightness adjustment knob to switch the brightness unit between INT (%) and LM. For color temperature adjustment, rotate the color temperature adjustment knob within the range of 2700K to 6500K. For more details, please refer to our instructional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EYI5c35S-o