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Content Creators: Don’t Be Afraid of the Light

Content Creators: Don’t Be Afraid of the Light Hobolite

How to take your content to the next level with Hobolite

Quality lighting is a factor that can make or break a shoot. Those that make a living in photography or videography will attest to that. 

A typical shoot day for a content creator commonly involves capturing talent in a public setting. Studio space for the creator is often their home or on the road, depending on where the assignment or project takes them. Constantly on the go, they face unpredictable environments that could compromise their finished product, still or video.

Learning how to adapt their lighting to complement their surroundings sets them apart from the weekend warriors. True content creators make their living online and need to ensure their final product resonates with their audience on social platforms – that can be unforgiving.

The Benefits of Bi-color LED

One of the most versatile lighting solutions on the market is quality bi-color LED lights. It can be used effectively indoors or out, with the ability to mimic the sun. This comes in handy when there is a need to create a scene that takes place at a specific time of day. They can also be used to achieve great artistic effects with unexpected contrasts.

The most common need for creators, of course, is the ability to achieve natural-looking light.  A bi-color light can change the color temperature to match existing or ambient light. Natural-looking light enhances colors, and skin tones, so they appear true to life. As the creator, this is especially important when you are part of your final product – it’s crucial to depict yourself in your best light.

Unexpected contrast is achieved by intentionally changing the color temperature of a bi-colored light to differ from the color temperature setting of the camera. This capability will create a background with a color temperature markedly different from your subject. The results will always be striking, and it might be considered either unsettling or beautiful, depending on one’s point of view.

Maximize your time with the Mini

With the bi-color functionality and miniature size of the Mini, it is ideal for content creators. The smallest of the Hobolites, it’s ideal for use in the home office, studio, or at an outdoor venue —  drop it in your bag and go wherever your inspiration takes you.

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