Hobolite Iris Colored Gel Filters- Essentials Pack

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Elevate your creative lighting with the Hobolite Iris Colored Gel Filters - Essentials Pack.

This pack includes four vibrant gel filters (Golden Hour, Blue Hour, Spring Pastel, and Aurora) designed for use with the Hobolite Iris lighting system. Enhance your photography and elevate creativity by adding color and texture to your scenes. Compatible with the Iris Optical Modifier Kit (sold separately), these gel filters are essential for photographers seeking to explore unique lighting effects and artistic expression.  


  •  Item Dimensions (each piece): 1.9” x 1.3” x 0.1”
  •  Item Net Weight (each piece): 0.004 lbs
  •  Shipping Dimensions: 2.6” x 1.5” x 2.5”
  •  Shipping Weight: 0.09 lbs       


What’s included in the box:
• Golden Hour gel filter x 1
• Blue Hour gel filter x 1
• Spring Pastel gel filter x 1
• Aurora gel filter x 1
• Pouch x 1

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Iris Colored Gel Filters

Spring Pastel.jpg__PID:f4db26f0-238c-4fb5-b61d-1c836c8e16ac

Spring Pastel

The wonder of new light

Golden Hour.jpg__PID:9ef4db26-f023-4c3f-b5f6-1d1c836c8e16

Golden Hour

Casts a golden glow

Blue Hour.jpg__PID:9e9ef4db-26f0-438c-bfb5-f61d1c836c8e

Blue Hour

Cool tones for a vibrant story



Hues of a winter sky

Pairing with the Iris Optical Modifier Kit enhances its versatility


Fresnel Lens

Boost the brightness by up to 3x.  The focal length is only 28mm.

Iris+Aperture lens.png__PID:ea8a92ad-c5f8-4ad0-8dae-8f8867e4a2b9

Aperture Ring

Free adjustment of aperture size enhancing how we perceive and interact with our surroundings.

Iris+Magic lens.png__PID:adc5f82a-d00d-4e8f-8867-e4a2b9a7ce63

The Magic Lens creates

A Magic Lens transforms light into a mysterious and captivating display, adding an enchanting and intriguing ambiance to any setting.

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