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Tell us about yourself, without limitations.

I was a Makeup Artist for 20 years, but made the jump to photography and film full time with an agency officially in 2020. I’ve been an editor for international fashion publications for about a decade now, and as an art director I picked up a camera and began shooting my own content for my own stories about seven or eight years ago. I am self taught, pushing myself to learn both photography and video. I absolutely love it!

As of now, I shoot mostly celebrity and commercial work, but it’s quickly growing into narrative and full feature film work. I can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Photo credit: Mynxii White

What is your vision for the creative life you hold for your self?

It originally started as a joke because I wanted to set the bar so high for myself I couldn’t possibly reach it, but the more and more I work towards it the closer and closer I feel like I could get to it one day. The dream is to win an Oscar for best Director, and everything I’ve done has been to push me to that goal. Whether or not I make it all the way there isn’t really the point. I think wherever I land will be great no matter what.

How do you use continuous LED light to shape your stories?

Light is a huge part of my storytelling! I love everything to look cinematic, and my images feed into that. A lot of people tend to over light or only use natural lighting. I love the idea of minimal and moody light, of shaping around the darkness with what’s available and what I can hold in my hands. I love to highlight facial expressions and leave the audience wondering what’s left in the dark around my subject. It’s important for the viewer to be a part of the story and let their minds create the rest of what’s missing to fully immerse themselves in the visuals.

Photo credit: Mynxii White

What is your creative mantra which keeps you motivated and driven?

I have to wake up every day and keep going. I have to get up and keep moving because there is no other alternative. There is nothing behind me to fall back on so I can only move forward. My work is where my heart is and it drives me to my goals with every click of my camera.

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What have you learned about your creative journey that helps inform your next step?

Never give up on your dreams. Even when they seem impossible, even when the goal seems so insurmountable that you become so overwhelmed you can’t breathe, keep going. Will you truly be happy if you stop? The only thing more frightening than falling short of my goals is to stay right here and not do anything at all. The creative journey is constantly evolving and changing. Sometimes the creative journey is taking a breath and reevaluating where you’re going and taking a beat so you can begin the journey again tomorrow. Sometimes journey is pushing your energy forward full force, and moving so fast you can hear the wind whistling around your ears. Sometimes the creative journey is enjoying the small wins on the way to the big one. Sometimes it’s being grateful for hitting the ground when you fall because you can ground yourself begin on steady feet again. I have to remind myself that every day is a win. No matter how small.  

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